From its inception in 2001, SSACI has placed great emphasis on improving the quality of its work through internal and external evaluations and on learning from experience. In its nine years of existence, SSACI has undergone five external reviews by Swiss and South African researchers, making it one of the most scrutinized development agencies in South Africa.

The reports of all these reviews may be downloaded from the list of "External Evaluations" on the "Reports" page this website. They are:

1.    Zimmerman, A., Anghern, I., Mlotchwa, F. & Dube, N.: “The Swiss South African Cooperation Initiative: A Social Investment Initiative
       between SDC and the Swiss Private sector for Skills Development in South Africa” (SDC: 2004)

2.    Schmidt, E & Mlotchwa, F: “Swiss South African Cooperation Initiative: External Evaluation, March-April 2005” (SDC: 2005)

3.    Boin, A : "Capitalisation of the Swiss-South Africa Cooperation Initiative Experience“ (SDC: 2008)

4.    Singizi Consulting: “A Review of SSACI’s Technical and Vocational Training for Employment” (SSACI: 2009)

5.    Naidoo, S.”Strategic and Operational Evaluation of SSACI” (SSACI: 2010)

In addition, SSACI regularly conducts its own, internal reviews of its work and tracks its alumni for at least three years after training. It also contracts independent researchers to externally evaluate almost all its projects. The consultants who conducted the 2009 review of SSACI’s training programme, experienced in development work, commented that:

“SSACI has a very thorough internal evaluation process – possibly more thorough than any other organisation we have ever dealt with.”