From its joint SDC and private-sector lineage, SSACI has endorsed five core values that guide and inform its work. These are:


SSACI is an outcomes-driven organisation that aims to make a positive impact on South African society. In pursuit of an effective funding programme, we:

•    Focus upon an urgent national priority, namely youth unemployment
•    Seek projects that have the potential for systemic impact
•    Select projects on the basis of their demonstrated potential for achieving specific, measurable outcomes and implementation partners on the
      basis of their track-record of delivery
•    Monitor and evaluate all our projects in terms of their pre-determined objectives, but with an eye, too, for unintended outcomes


SSACI is a cost-conscious organisation that seeks to increase the value of its support to development initiatives by discharging its responsibilities promptly and efficiently. This means that we:

•    Keep our own operating costs low
•    Seek projects and partners that are cost-effective, with efficient management structures, low overhead costs, high levels of technical expertise
      and effective means of service delivery
•    Respond quickly to correspondence and other contacts


Recognising that development is subject to many variables; SSACI seeks to be aware of the uncertainties involved in project implementation and the unexpected demands that may be placed upon implementing partners. This means that we:

•    Are open to innovative ideas and willing to undertake promising experiments
•    Do not have a cumbersome internal bureaucracy
•    Honour agreed plans and procedures but are ready to revise them to meet new exigencies


SSACI believes that the success of a project depends upon each of the partners' knowing what the others are about. To this end, we:

•    Make our own objectives, expectations and possible contributions clear to potential partners from the start of negotiations on the
      implementation of a project
•    Share evaluative information with partners and keep them informed of our views regarding the implementation of a project
•    Report back regularly on our activities to our own funders and other interested parties


Since success is to a considerable degree dependent upon a thorough understanding of the field in which we operate and the realities, opportunities and problems that it presents, SSACI seeks to be a learning organisation. This means that we:

•    Constantly seek to update and extend our grasp of development issues
•    Pay constant attention to lessons learned from our own experience and that of other organisations, as recorded in the research literature
•    Share our experiences with other interested parties
•    Develop the professional competence of our own staff