Thirty one TVET Colleges signaled to the DHET that they are ready and fully prepared for their students go to their host employers in the July 2014 recess to start a weeks’ work experience.  The placement was part of their integrated and continuous assessment – practical task 2 of the NC (V) Curriculum.  This commitment was made at a Best Practice Forum hosted by SSACI on 16th and 17th May 2014.


The forum showcased examples of best practice to new colleges on the WBE – ICASS project.  Those sharing their experiences were Umfolozi, College of Cape Town, East Cape Midlands, West Coast and Northlink.

The key lessons for new colleges centered on the progress of institutional arrangements as part of the preparation process which includes the recruitment and orientation of host employers.   While this may be “old hat” to those colleges implementing SSACI’s generic WBE model, it was new for these colleges. They were about to take the next step towards formalizing WBE in the curriculum through the assessment of the task book that students bring back to the college after their workplace-based experience.

The task book, designed and developed by colleges under the guidance of SSACI serves as a fulcrum between what is learned at the college and how it relates to the workplace and vice-versa.  Six NC (V) programmes have aligned WBE task book to the ICASS requirements, inter alia, Marketing; Office Administration; Management; Finance Economics and Accounting; Hospitality and Tourism.  

Lecturers gave very positive feedback about the task book.  Many indicated that it helped to address some of the inconsistencies and gaps relating to the quality of some of the ICASS tasks produced by colleges.  The Work-integrated Learning (WIL) coordinators described plans to mark the task books in teams thereby relieving the burden on any one lecturer.

The forum allowed them to examine their own capacity and resources for delivering the project successfully.  Importantly, they could now benchmark themselves against the colleges that had already applied it.

For the SSACI and DHET team it was heartening to observe the positive change in attitude from lecturers on their own involvement with WBE. There were lessons learned all round!

Powerpoint and video presentations are available on the TVET portal.