In pursuit of greater efficiency and effectiveness within its own programme and the broader public skills development system, SSACI conducts a limited amount of applied research  related to its projects and to the DHET’s Research Agenda: 2014-2017.

Currently, our main research activities are:

Tracking the progression of NC(V) students in public TVET colleges
This study uses college enrolment records and examination results from 2007 to 2013 to determine the progress of students within the NC(V). It is the first its kind in SA and is of great potential value to the DHET in terms of identifying blockages and loops within the qualification and its related programmes.

Tracer Study of TVET College Graduates
This study of the current whereabouts of a large representative sample (±10’000) of college students who were enrolled for the NC(V) at one of 30 public TVET colleges in 2010 will provide information on their educational and employment trajectories. It is the first large-scale tracking study of its kind in SA and potentially very informative to the DHET as well as SSACI.

Analysis of Skills Accord Data
Public TVET colleges are required to report quarterly to the national DHET on the placement of graduates of N3, N6 and NC(V)4 programmes. Through regular analysis of this data, we hope to identify and explore patterns and trends in the employment of college graduates, including the relationships between the different college programmes of study and employment and between the students’ experience of on-course workplace experience, college and employment.

Post Workplace-Experience Study
Through detailed questionnaires and structured interviews, conducted annually, of students who have undergone on-course workplace-based experience, lecturers who have undertaken industry-based workplace engagements and the companies that hosted them, we hope to get an understanding of the impact of workplace experience on students, lecturers, colleges and host-employers.  

Study of SSACI’s Accelerated Apprenticeship Programme
The primary objective of the Accelerated Artisan Training programme offered by SSACI is to develop a model of fast-track apprenticeships that can be implemented in small-to-medium sized enterprises and thereby unlock their capacity for on-the-job training - which in South Africa has hitherto been largely untapped. The research is aimed at gaining an understanding of the current cohort of 200 participants, in terms of their socio-economic background and their experiences in industry-related training centres and their host employers. The findings will be used to inform future artisan training programmes run by SSACI and other organisations, as well as the structure and processes of the emerging national artisan development system .

Further information on any of the above can be obtained from our R&D Manager. Contact Bina Akoobhai - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.