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External Evaluation of SSACI

Apart from external evaluations of specific projects, SSACI itself is regularly evaluated by external researchers mandated by our funding partners.These evaluation reports appear below:                                                                                                        

  Lolwana et. al (2015). External Evaluation of SSACI   Download
  Naidoo, S. (2010). ”Strategic and Operational Evaluation of SSACI”, SSACI   Download

  Singizi Consulting (2009). “A Review of SSACI’s Technical and Vocational Training for Employment", SSACI 


  Boin, A (2008). "Capitalisation of the Swiss-South Africa Cooperation Initiative Experience“,SDC   Download
  Schmidt, E & Mlotchwa, F (2005). “Swiss South African Cooperation Initiative: External Evaluation, March-April 2005”,SDC   Download

  Zimmerman, A., Anghern, I., Mlotchwa, F. & Dube, N. (2004). “The Swiss South African Cooperation Initiative:

            A Social Investment Initiative between SDC and the Swiss Private sector for Skills Development in South Africa”,SDC