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The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has identified thirteen priority trades for the construction of the Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) of the National Infrastructure Plan and for other projects such as Phakisa and War on Leaks. In response to the demand for these trades, the DHET is creating Centres of Specialisation (CoS) at selected public Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. The National Skills Fund, supported by the Sector Education and Training Authorities and other donors, are funding the development of the CoS. The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations new qualifications will be delivered at these new centres in partnership with local industry.
The Centres of Specialisation will function as dedicated sites to the delivery of specific occupational qualifications. The new occupational qualifications comprise three components- theory, practical/simulated training and work experience. These components will be delivered in an integrated manner with apprentices moving from each site (e.g. workplace) to the other (e.g. classroom) in one learning continuum. The college-industry partnership is pivotal to the delivery of these programmes. An apprentice must be employed prior to receiving instruction from the TVET colleges. Host employers on the programme must work with the public TVET colleges that are CoS.
The Swiss-South African Cooperation Initiative (SSACI) has been contracted by National Treasury to project manage the CoS Programme for the next three years and support the delivery of CoS through the various workstreams (DHET offices) and Occupational Teams (industry expertise). These entities have been created to develop and produce the CoS by end of 2018, for first cohort of apprentices to enter the three-year programme in 2019.
The CoS Programme is important for the country in that it will produce a new model for training of apprentices and seek to ensure the quality of skills that employers seek are developed through a mandatory public college-industry collaboration.