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1. Why must a student use the task book?
The task book ensures that a student gets the relevant work experience needed to acquire his/her diploma and the activities are designed to enhance his/her knowledge, build competency and it guides him/her toward areas of specific interest in the field where she/he most likely would want to work in the future.
2. Is there a new application process for the diploma?
No. The application process remains the same except the completion of the task book becomes one of the requirements for the application of your diploma.
3. Should a student complete all or some of the activities in the task book?
The student is not required to complete all the activities in the task book. Instructions in the task book guide you toward which activities are compulsory and which are optional.
4. What should a student do if an employer only allows him/her two months’ work experience?
It is recommended that she/he assesses the workplace and decides for himself/herself how many of the activities can be completed in the two months. If potentially, she/he could get some of her/his activities completed and have the opportunity for further learning then she/he should take up the opportunity. Note that this means that she/he should also be looking for other longer term work opportunities where she/he may complete the remainder of the 18 months. Remind the student to get a confirmation of employment from each employer – this is required for the application.
5. What happens if a student has completed the activities in the task book before the 18 months at that workplace have elapsed?
She/he must complete 18 months as required for business studies programmes and 24 months as required for engineering studies.
6. What happens if a student has not completed the task book before the 18 months at that workplace have elapsed?
She/he must ensure that the compulsory tasks are completed before handing in the task book to the college for evaluation. The Student cannot complete the application until the minimum number of tasks are completed and evaluated by a college lecturer who signs off on the task book.
7. Where does a student get a task book?
She /He may attain the task book from the exams section at the college once a host employer has been secured.
8. How do I find an employer?
There are several routes to finding employers – through the college partners, college procurement service providers, through family/friends’ contacts or through door –to-door visits of companies or assistance from lecturers/student support services.
9. How will the college help?
The college may assist a student in finding and securing a host employer. The college will provide the student with an information pack that she/he will need to get going. College lecturers will evaluate the completed task book and the exams section will assist the student with the final application.