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Hired or Fired: How does SSACI help our Youth? Presentation at the SSACI Annual General Meeting, 2016 Download
Report to the FRF and FREF on Skills Development in SA and where it could be supported, August 2016 Download

Tracer Study of the Transition of NCV Students from the Colleges to the Labour Market, South Africa. Presentation at

               the RPCE Conference, 8 – 10 July 2016.

Apprenticeships Appraised: What is the current Situation? Pan African Conference, 2016 Download
Tracking of newly qualified Artisans, WIL for Africa Conference, September 2016 Download
Lessons for Partnerships between Colleges, Government and Industries Download
Global and SA Artisan Skills Training Trends: An Employer’s perspective, 2016 Download
Developing TVET College Lecturers through engagement with Industry. VET Development Symposium, August 2016 Download
Work Integrated Learning in the TVET Sector, November 2015 Download
Is TVET Working’: Employment Trajectories of TVET College Graduates in South Africa, Pan African Conference,2015 Download

SSACI: A Public-Private Partnership in Skills Development in South Africa. Presentation to the Jacob

                Foundation Colloquium,2014

‘Tandem Training’ : Piloting Dual system Apprenticeship System in South Africa, Pan Africa Conference 2014 Download
SA’s got talent. What can you do with it? Download

Apprenticeships Redux: Lessons from dismantling and reviving apprenticeships in South Africa. Presentation at the IVETA

                International Conference, Melbourne, August 2013

‘The Focussed Lens’: How WIL programmes can help TVET college deliver on their core business,2013 Download
Building strong College Industry Partnerships,2013 Download
Education for Employability: WIL for TVET Colleges, 2013 Download